9 Daily Marketing Actions For Your Blog + Business

The wisdom and secret of having a successful business of any kind is marketing.

I am continuously learning this.

Today I'd like to share with you some golden rules you can live by, as you float your way into the clouds if dreams-do-come-true-success with your business.

It's always:



40% Create Content / Products / Services

60% Marketing + Brand

Here are 9 daily actions you can do:

1. Advertise. Send out review copies of your products/services.

2. Publicise. Organise to compose at least 1 guest post per month for another A-list blog.

3. Grow. Aim to become proficient in as many skills as possible to improve brand and marketing.

4. Build. Commit time to building links in 'the currency of the internet'.

5. Track. Log your analytic stats monthly on a spreadsheet so you can see what you are doing well and where you can improve.

6. Share. Use social networks.

7. Engage. Comment on blogs and Instagram posts.

8. Bond. Co-create and work with others to leverage your time and abilities. 

9. Plan. Always be thinking about the next phase of your business.