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We both had blogs, we loved writing, and we wanted to do good in the world with our work.

Claire was head-over-heels in the field of health and wellness, finding exquisite ways for our bodies to heal and thrive. Vienda was seduced by the promises that psychology held, that the way we think about things, can change everything.

But writing about these things, just wasn’t enough. We wanted to do, and give, more.

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On our individual paths, we fell down the rabbit-hole of monetizing blogs, digital marketing, and online business. Suddenly we were lost in the (internet) sea of intimidating advice and jargon. There was so much information out there! We knew it had to be simpler!

We also knew we wanted to live in tune with our nature: cyclical, dynamic, continuously evolving. What we wanted was a direct rebellion against a consumer-culture that prefers to keeps us trapped in a cycle that is self-serving, but not soul-serving.

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Serendipitously we were transported to an answer: Marie Forleo’s BSchool, an 8-week interactive video-based training that teaches you how to build a successful online business.

We both signed up, and that’s how we met!

Today we both run thriving businesses that allow us to do meaningful work in the world. We’re both creating and delivering in ways we never knew were possible before taking B-School. It turns out that an online business that serves you, while you serve others, is a very real and wonderful thing.

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BSchool was the solid foundation of knowledge on which we have been able to build and grow our businesses, and now we are thrilled to share the same possibility to you.

Learn more about BSchool here.

As BSchool alumni, every year we are given the opportunity to share BSchool as affiliates. This means that BSchool pays us just under $1,000 for every inspired person who wants to create their own lives on their own terms, and takes the course through us.

What that means for YOU, is that we get to offer you something from us, for free, to the value of $1,000.

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When you enrol in BSchool with us, you get…

…access to every single one of both Vienda & Claire’s powerful and popular online courses and programs. You will also be guided by the two of us in our vibrant and intimate private online community of biz-owners. Oh, and did we mention the chocolate? We’re going to post you a welcome box of chocolates in the mail! Because we really believe this is an investment and opportunity to celebrate.

When you sign up to do BSchool with us you get:

♦ An invitation into our powerful community and online business mentoring space, where you have ongoing access to our brains, The Heartful Biz FB group value: priceless!

♦ 2 group coaching calls with both of us value: $400 USD

♦ Our co-creation: The Heartful Biz value: $177 USD

♦ Claire’s 6-week menstrual cycle journaling course: FLOW value: $145 USD

♦ Claire’s 8-week cyclic self-care course: Radiate value: $170 USD

♦ Claire’s powerful video class on the menstrual cycle and creativity: Creatrix value: $115 USD

♦ Claire’s self-care and creativity course: Wild, Well & Creative value: $75 USD

♦ Claire’s entire Adore Your Cycle eRange value $30 USD.

♦ Vienda’s popular 8-week manifestation course: Manifest More value: $190 USD

♦ Vienda’s transformative class on releasing blocks: Sovereign value: $57 USD

♦ Vienda’s 15-day interactive video course on intuitive living: IntuiMethod value: $97 USD

♦ Vienda’s 13-part digital media class on having and making more money: Affluent value: $97 USD

♦ Plus a box of organic vegan chocolates sent from us to you, wherever you are in the world! xo



Plus a box of organic chocolates sent to you from us, with love! (with words of celebration & encouragement) xo


What’s the secret ingredient for BSchool success?

For us, it’s been the community.

Back when we took BSchool, there were only a few hundred women awkwardly connecting in a secret Facebook group, encouraging each other onwards.

Since then, with the incredible growth and deserved triumph of BSchool, much of that intimate community support has been lost.

Lucky for you, one of our co-superpowers is that we bring (the right) people together. We’ve decided to recreate that for you! In our intimate business mentoring community, we authentically and vulnerably address the realities of embarking on a leap of faith as huge as starting your own online business. Being surrounded by others who are willing to share their mistakes, breakthroughs, and what it takes to create a thriving online business is pure gold.

When you take BSchool with us, you get life-long access to that community for free.

Just as we were guided along the path by others who had been through it all before, we will do the same for you. Because despite all of the challenges, we are certain of one thing…

Creating online businesses that align with our visions and values have opened up a well of freedom, creativity and a sense of purpose that is soul-serving, for both of us. 

We'd love to invite you to join us.

CART OPENS: Tuesday, February 19th
CART CLOSES: Friday, March 1st

START DATE: Monday, March 4th

How do you take B-School with us? Firstly, clear your recent browsing history so that your enrolment is linked to our valuable bonus offering. Then, click the bright orange rectangle below and you’ll be taken to the B-School site. Enrol there and you’ll receive a confirmation email in the next 24-48 hours confirming your enrolment in our B-School clan. We’ll have your bonuses out to you by the 18th March!

Ready to say yes to the course that could change everything for your business and life?

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