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We both had blogs, we loved writing, and we wanted to do good in the world with our work.

Claire was head-over-heels in the field of health and wellness, finding exquisite ways for our bodies to heal and thrive. Vienda was seduced by the promises that psychology held, that the way we think about things, can change everything.

But writing about these things, just wasn’t enough. We wanted to do, and give, more.

On our individual paths, we fell down the rabbit-hole of monetizing blogs, digital marketing and online business. Suddenly we were lost in the (internet) sea of intimidating advice and jargon.

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We had to figure out our ‘niche’ so that we could create a UVP (Unique Value Proposition) and choose between ‘e-commerce’ and ‘service’. We were told to make sure our CM (Content Marketing) used plenty of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to increase our CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) to understand how effective our calls-to-action are on our blogs. Social proof was defined as more important than just doing good work, and hustling was the arrow that pointed to success.

It was way too much. And it didn’t align with our individual visions and values.

What we wanted was so much simpler.

We wanted to share our talents: writing, creating, helping people; combined with our passions: health, psychology, making the world and our lives, simpler, happier kinder, whilst carving out a lifestyle that was entirely our own.

We wanted to live in tune with our nature: cyclical, dynamic, continuously evolving. What we wanted was a direct rebellion against a consumer-culture that prefers to keeps us trapped in a cycle that is self-serving but not soul-serving.

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Serendipitously we were transported to an answer: Marie Forleo’s BSchool, an 8-week interactive video-based training that teaches you how to build a successful online business.

We both signed up, and that’s how we met!

Connecting over awkward stumblings in Facebook conversations as we forged our way forward in this unknown territory, silently encouraging the other one forwards as we made leaps, bounds and mistakes.

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BSchool was the solid foundation of knowledge on which we have been able to build and grow our businesses, and now we are thrilled to share the same possibility to you.

Learn more about BSchool here.

As BSchool alumni, with a tribe of inspired women (you) who want to create their own lives on their own terms (just like us) too, every year we are given the opportunity to promote BSchool as affiliates. This means that Marie pays us just under $1,000 for every person that buys BSchool through us.

What that means for YOU, is that we get to offer you something from us, for free, to the value of $1,000.

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What you'll get

If you want to do BSchool, PLUS get access to all our courses AND work with us 1-on-1 for free, at the value of $1,000 USD, then this opportunity is for you.

When you sign up to do BSchool with us, you automatically get:

The Heartful Biz: Our co-creation  $177

FLOW: Claire’s menstrual cycle journaling course  $153

Wild, Well & Creative: Claire’s self-care & creativity course  $76

Manifest More: Vienda’s most popular course  $197

Sovereign: Vienda’s class on releasing blocks  $57

1 x 60 min 1:1 call with Claire  $170

1 x 60 min 1:1 call with Vienda  $170



Creating online businesses that align with our visions and values have opened up a well of freedom, creativity and a sense of purpose that is soul-serving, for both of us.

We'd love to invite you to join us.

CART OPENS: Wednesday, February 20th
CART CLOSES: Thursday, March 1st

START DATE: Monday, March 5th

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