This interactive digital 2-day workshop is for you if you have a burning desire to do your unique work in the world. You will learn how to run a business that’s both meaningful and profitable.


The Heartful Biz is a step-by-step roadmap for deliberately creating your business with your natural cycles and talents as your compass, and the universe supporting you, every step of the way.

A sneak peak...

Do you want to run your own heart centred business but don't know how to do it? That's what we are here to teach you, and we do things differently. The #hustle online business model makes things harder than they have to be. We want to introduce you to a style of working that feels easier, enjoyable, and true to the kind of person that you are.

This is for you if you want to master what you’re good at whilst making a beautiful, heartful impact in the world, and getting well paid for it. But how do you actually do that?

We will teach you how to own a creative business that’s in alignment with your belief systems, values, natural cycles and flow. 

The Heartful Biz has been designed with straightforward video lessons so that you can learn and implement easily. After this course you will have more clarity, vision and an understanding of how online business works. You'll feel aligned, focused and relaxed, and you'll know what steps you need to take next. We make things easy for you.

What you will learn...

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This value packed course includes 11

(+3 bonus) video lessons :

☾ Authenticity & Being You In Your Business
☾ Crafting Great Copy & Telling Stories
☾ How We Use Social Media (& What To Post)
☾ Creating A Newsletter That Grows & Connects You With Your Community
☾ Creating Fabulous Services & Products
☾ Making Money: How We Do It
☾ Using Astrology To Elevate Your Business
☾ Working With Your Menstrual Cycle
☾ Overcoming (Inevitable) Fear
☾ Balancing The Masculine & Feminine In Business
☾ Structures & Systems To Find Your Flow
BONUS: Develop Your Awesome Creative Idea
BONUS: How To Create Live Workshops & Events
BONUS: Manifesting In Your Business

What you will get...


☾ Over 6 hours of video lessons ☾ Two in depth workbooks with exercises, plenty of clear examples, tools and actionable templates ☾ A private supportive online community of likeminded women ☾ Two pep talks  ☾ All lessons in audio format so you can listen on the go  ☾ Life time access to all content!

 AND clarity, vision, understanding and all the tools you need to start and run your own aligned heart-centred business now!


"Sipping my coffee while working through day one of The Heartful Biz and just had to send you a little thank you for putting this out into the word. Only two videos in and I had a moment of immense peace and clarity on my next steps. This is the first time “business strategy” has felt aligned. Thank you for expanding my idea of what’s possible - i.e. a perfectly heart-filled, magical life."


Hours of video lessons

The Heartful Biz consists of over six hours of comprehensive (and fun) video lessons taught by your course teachers, Vienda Maria and Claire Baker. 


Workbook, tools & templates

Plus two in-depth workbooks (one for each day) with exercises, plenty of clear examples, tools and actionable templates to help you implement what you're learning — right away.

Supportive community

A buzzing online hub filled with like-minded women. A private place to share, connect and create together, because heart-centred business is all about community.


You will receive...

  • Over 6 hours of comprehensive and fun video lessons a behind the scenes on how we run our successful online businesses and how you can do it too

  • Two in-depth workbooks - over 60 pages to dive deep and get clarity, vision and understanding, with exercises, plenty of clear examples, tools and actionable templates to help you implement what you're learning — right away.

  • Facebook community filled with likeminded women to connect, share, learn and grow together

  • Two audio pep talks

  • Lessons in audio format so you can listen on the go

  • Life time access to all content!

  • Clarity, vision, understanding and all the tools you need to start and run your own heart-centerd business now!


I want to learn how to create a heartful online business that works! 


"I was struggling to create a nourishing work environment for myself, and felt like I lacked the tools and the support to create one. The Heartful Biz brought me right back into my heart and allowed me to uncover what works for me. From learning the skills to use Instagram in the most heartfelt and effective way, to feeling into my blocks about money, to giving me the confidence to bring more of ME to my work... it has truly changed my business and my life. I couldn't be more thankful and more supportive of this amazing course, led by two wise women."


Claire and Vienda

Hello! We're Vienda & Claire

In this two-day digital workshop, we peel back the curtains on our online businesses and get down to the nitty-gritty on what it takes to build a thriving heartful biz. We have an honest and realistic approach to creative business, and bring a decade of combined experience in the online world, having both built heart-centred businesses that add real value to our communities and support the kind of lives we like to live.


We value self-care and honour our natural rhythms and the cycles around us, knowing how critical — and potent — this sustainable approach to business truly is.

We know what it takes to propel your business forward, and in this workshop we teach you the tools, systems and mindset changes you need to build a creative heart-centred business that works (really well) in full alignment to you. If your intentions include bringing more ‘you’ into your business by honouring your unique style and vision, and ultimately manifesting your personal definition of success (which we will totally help you get clear on), then this workshop is for you. 

This isn't online business as you know it.

Because business is best when it’s heartfelt.


The Heartful Biz opens just once per year.
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"I'd been stuck on one product for two months before the workshop, and after, I was able to finish it in one week. I've picked up practices I haven't touched for a few years and made them central parts of my daily routine (like running to Amazon to order Frankincense and Sage!). I feel inspired (like, bursting with ideas) and excited about the future of my business. The biggest gift has been permission to invite creativity back into my process, by stepping away from the computer and getting crafty with my approach. Vienda and Claire are born facilitators — a true power duo. "


Course overview...



☾ Authenticity & Being You In Your Business. How to uncover your authenticity. Authenticity in business practices and your own definition of success. 
☾ Crafting Great Copy & Telling Stories. How the stories you tell are the heart of your business. How to start writing.  
☾ How We Use Social Media (& What To Post). How to share stories on social media. What to do to share on each platform. 
☾ Creating A Newsletter That Grows & Connects You With Your Community. How to grow your mailing list. What to send.  
☾ Creating Fabulous Services & Products. Allowing yourself to start where you are at + create from that imperfect place. Reverse engineer your ideas + the creative process. 
☾ Making Money: How We Do It. How to uncover blocks and process them. Setting goals, forecasting + tracking. How to run your biz on a light footprint. 

☾ BONUS: How To Create Live Workshops & Events

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☾ Using Astrology To Elevate Your Business. Moon cycles, creative process and marketing. Cultivating a powerful relationship with your intuition. 
☾ Working With Your Menstrual Cycle. How to apply the cycles to work life. What if plans don’t sync (using your body as a guide). 
☾ Overcoming (Inevitable) Fear
☾ Balancing The Masculine & Feminine In Business. What each end of the spectrum looks like (macro + micro). How to integrate + balance.  
☾ Structures & Systems To Find Your Flow. Systems: what they are + how to use them. How to break them up into daily / weekly / monthly tasks. Self care: daily examples, how + why. Getting help: what to outsource and what to keep at home. 
 BONUS: Develop Your Awesome Creative Idea
BONUS: Manifesting In Your Business

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 A buzzing online hub filled with like-minded women. Every student gets access to our online community, where we’re always there to help. Need a pep-talk? Fancy celebrating a big win? Looking for a resource or recommendation? That’s exactly what that space is there for.
4 BONUS audio lessons! 1. Is Social Media Sending You Mad? How to Stay Sane Online 2. How to Make More Money Without Burning Yourself Out 3. 5 Non-negotiable Mindset Tools To Stay Focused 4. Feeling Like A Fraud? How To Deal With Self-Doubt
Audio pep talks! Boundaries in social media. Self care for launches. 
☾ All lessons in audio format so you can listen whenever suits you! 


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"The Heartful Biz was a game changer in giving me permission to throw out everything I believed I 'should' do, in order to discover what I truly LOVE to do. I learned how to pair systems with ease and flow. I learned there isn't one way of doing things and I got to redefine what success means to me. I got to break down and workshop two big project ideas and now I'm deep in the process of making them come to life, all because of the insights I gained during the Heartful Biz. So freaking exciting! I have restructured my working week in a way that works for me and makes space for creation, play and pleasure. I feel empowered and have a renewed sense of purpose in my work, which is the best feeling! I am so incredibly grateful to have learned from you both, and cannot recommend The Heartful Biz enough!"



Questions? We've got answers:

I don't have a business yet... Can I still take the workshop?

Yes... But it will only make an impact in your life, if and only IF you actively use what you have learned to start your business.

What sort of time investment is required?

It takes about 4 hours on both days to go through the workshop material, and then you'll want to add at least 4 hours on top of that to apply the tools and strategies you have learned.

When does the workshop start?

This is a do-it-at-your-own-pace course, structured to be taken over 2 days, starting on Saturday 12th August.

Can I give the workshop to a friend as a gift?

Absolutely. When you click through to buy, Click on “I Want This”, near the top where you would place your email there’s a little “gift” symbol that you click on to send it as a gift, and then you simply complete the details as per usual.

How is the course delivered?

The workshop is broken up into 12 video modules accessible through the members login page. Live interactions will take place in our private Facebook group.

How does this course differ from any other courses out there?

Awesome question. Here’s how: It has our very own, unique blend of insights, lessons, business tools and experiences that no-one else can share with you. 


"I've been on a high since taking The Heartful Biz! I’m ready to show up in a totally new way; I don't care what other people might think of me anymore, something has shifted and it's very liberating! I've started filming yoga videos for a project I'm collaborating on, and even though I am a newbie at being in front of the camera, editing and all, I feel like I can do this! The biggest ‘aha moment’ for me was realizing that the dreams I have and this lifestyle I'm slowly creating are possible, and within reach, by seeing you living yours. I have the confidence and momentum now to take action and move forward with heart and soul in my business. Thank you!"


Meet your teachers:

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Claire Baker

Claire Baker is an Australian women’s coach and menstrual educator based in London. Through her popular blog, eBooks, online courses and live workshops, Claire teaches self-care, creative rekindling and how to live life aligned with your menstrual cycle. Claire believes in less stress and more flow (and dark chocolate) and knows that working with our natural rhythms is ‘the missing key’ when it comes to women’s wellness.

Vienda Maria

Vienda Maria

Vienda is a writer and creative who spends her time teaching at the crossroads of manifesting, intuitive living, radical self-trust and creative business. After years of living an unconventional life Vienda believes the mainstream path doesn’t work for everyone. And, since you’re here, it probably doesn’t work for you. Innovation and living on the leading-edge of life requires us to break the rules and live differently: intuitively.


YES! I want to create a heart-centred online business that works (really well) while honouring my gifts and self care, without burnout or overwhelm! 


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